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We are a dessert cafe and gift shop, serving up an abundance of happiness and a truly unique experience through our food, drinks and goods.


We get many of the products we carry directly from Japan and South Korea but we also whole heartedly support and carry the work of local artists that fit in with our aesthetic.


What can you find at Fantastic Baby!?


Desserts and drinks made fresh daily in house, K-Beauty, super cute stationery and gift items (because we just happen to love cute things!), dishware mostly from Japan, kitchenware, coffee and tea supplies, and a comprehensive collection of K-Pop albums.


Most of all you can have a great time browsing the shop, listening to music and enjoying a one of a kind experience that we have created just for you!

Our Mascot, MoChiChi, a white cat with pink accents

This is our mascot MoChiChi, we think he's pretty cute!

MoChiChi is a little bit mischievous but he never means any harm. He loves desserts of course and dreams of travelling to Japan to meet Hello Kitty and to Korea to meet V of BTS!

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