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We love our snacks and in this box you will receive a delicious selection of sweet and savoury items!


You will get 8 to 10 snacks including at least one pack of instant noodles.  


This box offers a 20% savings on our regular store prices!


Look forward to a new box each month.


This is not a multiple month subscription so the box must be purchased each month to ensure delivery.


Boxes are delivered twice a month. Order by the 10th of each month for mid month delivery and order by 25th of the month for end of month delivery.  Current box will be delivered by March 16 for mid month orders and March 30 for end of month orders.


BONUS Want to save on delivery? Pick up curbside and in that case you can arrange for pick up any time during the month that works for you!


Inidicate delivery or cubside pick up at checkout.


Contents of box may not be exactly as shown.


Yummy Snack Box

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