THE FACE SHOP Ryan Body Travel Kit

This adorable limited edition kit consists of 60ml body wash and 60ml body lotion in clear Ryan shaped bottles. 


The Avocado Body wash deeply cleanses your skin and nourishes it with the goodness of potassium and vitamin E. The moisture rich extracts of avocados are rich in nutrients and to help restore moisture to the skin while vitamin E ensures healthy and smooth skin. 


The Avocado Body Lotion is enriched with natural fruit derived extracts to give you baby soft skin. It moisturizes skin with the goodness of vitamin E, while creating a moisture protection barrier on the skin layer, preventing moisture evaporation to provide glowing, nourished skin.

THE FACE SHOP Ryan Body Travel Kit

  • This body care travel kit collaborated with Kakao Friends consists of:

    Body Wash 60ml Body Lotion 60ml The body wash contains all the rich moisture of avocado extract. It?s a body care solution that is easy on your skin, producing a mild bubble from coconut extract to gently remove waste matters on your skin! The body lotion contains all the rich nutrients of avocado oil. A body moisturizing lotion highly effective in retaining moisture to keep a dry skin tender and smooth.