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Handmade in small batches right here in Canada by a lovely gal! Using all natural ingredients and Shea Nut Butter. 


OCEAN FLORA An ocean lovers soaping dream. A glycerin soap base with seaweed and sea salt on the surface for a mild exfoliant.


CARPE DIEM A loofa sponge is inside every bar. This shea nut butter soap bar will bring you a rich lather while exfoliating your skin leaving you polished and smooth.


BREAKFAST SCRUB Filled with a heaping spoonful of organic coffee grounds and oatmeal, this is a great all over your body scrub bar.


RITUAL ROSE A lovely soap bar with shea nut butter and rose clay on top and glycerin soap base with activated charcoal on the bottom. It's the perfect combination for a luxurious cleaning experience.


CITRUS SOLEIL A refreshing soap made with shea nut butter soap base, blended with four different essential oils and colored with turmeric. This soap bar is a great way to start your day.

SEALUXE Canadian Made Soap

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