Lohn Mini Candles

JURA Top Notes: Lemon & Sweet OrangeMiddle Notes: Cedarwood & EucalyptusBase Notes: Amber & Sandalwood


ERDE Top Notes: Bergamot & NutmegMiddle Notes: Cedarwood & FigBase Notes: Amber & Vetiver


FEU Top Notes: Cardamom & RosemaryMiddle Notes: Coconut & VanillaBase Notes: Amber & Tobacco


ESEN Top Notes: Basil & RosemaryMiddle Notes: Clove & SpearmintBase Notes: Ginger & Peppermint


ZIMA Top Notes: Bergamot & Black PepperMiddle Notes: Black Tea & CloveBase Notes: Amber & Vanilla


Lohn candles clean burn for 20 hours. The candles are made with clean scents, an organic coconut and soy wax blend, a non-toxic wick and recyclable packaging. Every candle is vegan, paraben free, phthalate free, cruelty free, non-toxic and hand poured.




Lohn Mini Candles